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Fidget Worm Toy, Sensory Slug Fidget Toy, Fidget Toys for Kids & Adults, Resistance Fidget Toys

# GRP26BXA Fidget Worm Toy7 day production timeCall for Pricing

Dynamic Playability: Experience the latest in fidgety fun with our innovative Fidget Worm Toy. Its strong playability ensures hours of engaging entertainment and promotes wide social communication, Great Gift for Kids & Adults. Interactive Expansion: Flatten the Fidget Worm Toy, and watch the magic unfold as it automatically expands. This unique feature adds an element of surprise and captivates users with its dynamic and interactive design. Sensory Exploration: Open the door to a new world of tactile exploration with the Fidget Worm Toy. Perfect for children, this toy encourages sensory exploration through touch, providing a hands-on and immersive experience that enhances sensory development. Stress and Anxiety Relief: Find solace in the calming effects of our Fidget Worm Toy. Specially designed for stress and anxiety relief, it offers a therapeutic outlet for individuals of all ages. A must-have for those seeking relaxation in a playful and enjoyable form. Ideal for Special Needs: Our Fidget Worm Toy is crafted with care to cater to the sensory needs of children with autism or ADHD. Its gentle yet engaging design makes it a perfect sensory toy, offering comfort and support for individuals with special needs. Customize it with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to associate your brand with a fun and unique product and make your next event more successful !